The Happiness Handbook 3rd Edition (Dr. Timothy J Sharp)

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"Happiness is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced very day...while misery is simply a few errors of judgement and bad habits repeated every day."

Can it really be so easy to be happy? Absolutely, says respected psychologist and author Dr. Timothy Sharp. In this engaging book, he shows that happiness is nothing more than a way of thinking and doing; and that beliefs lead to actions, which in turn lead to happiness.

For more than a decade Dr. Sharp has been helping people be happier. His work is based on the premise that we can all achieve happiness if we are committed to being happier and if we act on that commitment each and every day.

Dr. Sharp outlines a comprehensive and practical individual happiness plan. Dismissing the notion that our happiness is dependent on material possessions or other people, he shows that no-one can make us happy but ourselves.

With chapters on clarifying your life goals, optimistic thinking, relationships, using your strengths and life control, The Happiness Handbook includes numerous accounts of how Dr. Sharp has helped real people. In addition, each chapter has a "Happy Ending" story illustrating how that chapter's strategies have been effectively put in to practice, plus a "Happiness Activity" to get you started on the road to a happier life.

"Dr. Sharp is one of Australia's leading happiness experts. This superb summary of the art and science of happiness, written in an easy to understand, inspiring way, is a very useful book - full of simple but powerful ways to get happy and stay happy. Wisdom is on every page." - Siimon Reynolds, author of Better than Chocolate: 50 proven ways to feel happier.

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