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Choose to be happy now! 6 Effective Strategies for living a happier life. - CD

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You've read his words (in The Happiness Handbook, and the happiness workbooks) and you might also have received his tips (in the Institute's eNewsletter). Now you can listen to Dr. Happy's words in this new CD titled "CHOOSE to be happy - 6 effective strategies for a better life".

In an entertaining and enjoyable interview with friend and colleague Andrew May (one of Australia's leading health experts), Dr. Sharp outlines and explains the 6 key strategies at the heart of his approach to happiness (including clarifying your life goals, healthy living, optimism, others/relationships, utilising your strengths, and enjoying the moment). Audio products such as CDs have proven to be one of the most popular ways for people to learn self-development principles as they can listen in their own time, and as often as they desire. So be one of the first to enjoy The Happiness Institute's first happiness CD.

Who's this for? Anyone who's ready to make the choice to be happier; those not willing to settle for "okayness"; anyone's who's unhappy or depressed; those with a desire to gain a greater understanding of happiness; people who're unsure of which direction their heading; anyone wanting to adopt a more positive approach to life.

What will you learn? How to clarify your life goals; the benefits of healthy living; how to weed out automatic negative thoughts and plant more positive optimistic ones; ways to enhance the quality of your key relationships; how to identify and utilise your core strengths; and the wonders of living in and enjoying the present moment.

Life's too short not to be happy! You can be happier once you know how - so find out how, now.

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